Road Trip Day Five

Day five was our last day on our Northern NSW road trip. We spent the morning in Tenterfield and then headed back to Kyogle for lunch. We went out through Kyogle down Lions Road to head back to Brisbane. Lions Road was a nice drive on a dirt road through the thick bush land as seen in the picture below that we took at the Lions Road look out.



Road Trip Day Four

Day four we looked around Tenterfield with lots to keep us interested. We checked out the old Tenterfield Saddlery which was made famous by Peter Alan. Lots of Australian history in the little town of Tenterfield. We read about Peter Alan’s grandfather the Tenterfield Saddler who would sit on his porch and chat with the folk who would visit him while he made his saddles. One visitor was Banjo Patterson a famous writer who wrote a song called Waltzing Matilda about a woman named Matilda who lived in the town of Tenterfield at the time.

We also ventured a little out of town. We came across a small river crossing which was fun to cross in the Jeep! After a fun filled day we decided to stay our last night out at Tenterfield.

Creek Crossing
Creek Crossing

Road Trip Day Three

Day three started with a drive into the heart of Casino to get some warmer clothes for our little guy as the further out we ventured the colder it became. We loved it however you still require appropriate clothing. It seems everyone out in the country has not a lot of clothing choices as for most of the smaller towns only have the clothing store ‘Country Target’. So there is not a lot of choices! After our short shopping adventure we made our way out to a tiny town called Bonalbo as there was some land out there that appealed to us. The land had the prettiest creek running along the bottom of it filled with river rocks and scenic views like those found on chemist calendars. The catch was it was pretty much in the middle of nowhere and you had to walk about a couple of hundred meters at a 45 degree incline.

After our hiking adventure we headed for Tenterfield which will be our stop for the night. As we approached the town of Tenterfield we were pleasantly surprised by how gorgeous the town and surrounds are. On either side of the road as you drive into town there are rows of maple trees and at this time of year the leaves were all sorts of autumn colours.

Drive into Tenterfield
Drive into Tenterfield
Tenterfield on Dusk
Tenterfield on Dusk
Tenterfield Sunset
Tenterfield Sunset

Road Trip Day Two

Day two was about 117km all up by the time we arrived at our destination of Casino. We drove through Lismore though it was a little bit too busy for our liking. I mean we had to sit in traffic! We then headed for Nimbin. On our way we came across this old building. I have no idea what it was originally used for, however we thought it looked cool. Nimbin was not our cup of tea and we can now say we have been there with no intentions of ever returning. Next stop was Kyogle. What a lovely little country town. We met a local real estate agent by the name of Lynda who not only showed us some land for sale but also a bit of a tour of her local town. She also let us on a little secret/scenic route back to Brisbane that we later used on our way back home. If you are ever looking at real estate in and around the Kyogle area, Lynda at Gateway Real Estate was very knowledgeable of the local area and went above and beyond. After spending all day in Kyogle we headed out of town for Casino. Arriving on dusk we stayed at a great little steak house motel.

JK Building
Cool looking building outside Nimbin, NSW, Australia.

Northern NSW Road Trip

NSW Trip MAp.png

We set out on our Road Trip with no exact destination in mind, except wanting to go to Byron Bay to do some shopping. I had been driving for over an hour when we decided to stop at one of the many rest stops along the Pacific Motorway (M1) for some lunch that we had packed for our trip. After lunch we set out again, next stop Byron Bay. We knew the exit was coming up sometime soon. Unfortunately for us it came up sooner than expected and we miss the exit to Byron Bay! By the time the next exit from the M1 was available it was about 30 mins behind us. So we decided Byron will have to wait until our journey back to Brisbane.

As we had no real destination except looking at the Northern NSW district, we saw a sign for ‘Crystal Caves’. We thought this sounds interesting so we started following the signs to the Crystal Caves which is just outside the small town of Mullumbimby. Crystal Caves was a great day and would recommend to others if you are a lover of all things crystal. On leaving Mullumbimby we headed NW until we arrived in Alstonville where we stayed the night.

Jeep Railroad

Brisbane 4×4 Show

Today we went to the Brisbane 4×4 Show. Saw lots of great toys, wanted to purchase them all! Bought a First Aid Kit and a new carry bag for the tyre compressor. Also added a Winch/Strap Damper to our recovery kit. Don’t think we are missing too much more that is needed for our off road adventures. Looking forward to getting out there when the weather improves. Had a day planned to go out today with the Brisbane Jeep Club but due to Cyclone Debbie it was rained out.

Hoist Day

Put the ‘Aussie Beast Jeep’ up on the hoist to see what’s underneath and make sure all is good for our next 4WD trip. Everything all good, except it would be a good idea to get some armour for the front and rear diffs. This is now added to my growing list. I have also decided I would like to replace the two small left and right added fog lights that currently sit on my front bumper to a 42 x 3w LEDs combo. Also today I saw another Wrangler with roof grip handles which would come in handy when my Mum accompanies us on off road adventures.