Northern NSW Road Trip

NSW Trip MAp.png

We set out on our Road Trip with no exact destination in mind, except wanting to go to Byron Bay to do some shopping. I had been driving for over an hour when we decided to stop at one of the many rest stops along the Pacific Motorway (M1) for some lunch that we had packed for our trip. After lunch we set out again, next stop Byron Bay. We knew the exit was coming up sometime soon. Unfortunately for us it came up sooner than expected and we miss the exit to Byron Bay! By the time the next exit from the M1 was available it was about 30 mins behind us. So we decided Byron will have to wait until our journey back to Brisbane.

As we had no real destination except looking at the Northern NSW district, we saw a sign for ‘Crystal Caves’. We thought this sounds interesting so we started following the signs to the Crystal Caves which is just outside the small town of Mullumbimby. Crystal Caves was a great day and would recommend to others if you are a lover of all things crystal. On leaving Mullumbimby we headed NW until we arrived in Alstonville where we stayed the night.

Jeep Railroad


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