Road Trip Day Three

Day three started with a drive into the heart of Casino to get some warmer clothes for our little guy as the further out we ventured the colder it became. We loved it however you still require appropriate clothing. It seems everyone out in the country has not a lot of clothing choices as for most of the smaller towns only have the clothing store ‘Country Target’. So there is not a lot of choices! After our short shopping adventure we made our way out to a tiny town called Bonalbo as there was some land out there that appealed to us. The land had the prettiest creek running along the bottom of it filled with river rocks and scenic views like those found on chemist calendars. The catch was it was pretty much in the middle of nowhere and you had to walk about a couple of hundred meters at a 45 degree incline.

After our hiking adventure we headed for Tenterfield which will be our stop for the night. As we approached the town of Tenterfield we were pleasantly surprised by how gorgeous the town and surrounds are. On either side of the road as you drive into town there are rows of maple trees and at this time of year the leaves were all sorts of autumn colours.

Drive into Tenterfield
Drive into Tenterfield
Tenterfield on Dusk
Tenterfield on Dusk
Tenterfield Sunset
Tenterfield Sunset

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