Road Trip Day Four

Day four we looked around Tenterfield with lots to keep us interested. We checked out the old Tenterfield Saddlery which was made famous by Peter Alan. Lots of Australian history in the little town of Tenterfield. We read about Peter Alan’s grandfather the Tenterfield Saddler who would sit on his porch and chat with the folk who would visit him while he made his saddles. One visitor was Banjo Patterson a famous writer who wrote a song called Waltzing Matilda about a woman named Matilda who lived in the town of Tenterfield at the time.

We also ventured a little out of town. We came across a small river crossing which was fun to cross in the Jeep! After a fun filled day we decided to stay our last night out at Tenterfield.

Creek Crossing
Creek Crossing

Brisbane 4×4 Show

Today we went to the Brisbane 4×4 Show. Saw lots of great toys, wanted to purchase them all! Bought a First Aid Kit and a new carry bag for the tyre compressor. Also added a Winch/Strap Damper to our recovery kit. Don’t think we are missing too much more that is needed for our off road adventures. Looking forward to getting out there when the weather improves. Had a day planned to go out today with the Brisbane Jeep Club but due to Cyclone Debbie it was rained out.

Hoist Day

Put the ‘Aussie Beast Jeep’ up on the hoist to see what’s underneath and make sure all is good for our next 4WD trip. Everything all good, except it would be a good idea to get some armour for the front and rear diffs. This is now added to my growing list. I have also decided I would like to replace the two small left and right added fog lights that currently sit on my front bumper to a 42 x 3w LEDs combo. Also today I saw another Wrangler with roof grip handles which would come in handy when my Mum accompanies us on off road adventures.

New 4WDing Toys

I purchased a couple of new toys for my next off road adventure. A 160L Portable Compressor Kit and a Recovery Kit. Currently have a tow ball on the back with a key locked pin, which I do not have a key for. I’m going to grind the pin off and purchase a new lockable pin for about AU$30. Once this is removed, I will purchase a Hitch Receiver. Hitch Receiver’s are needed when 4WDing in case you get stuck. The Hitch Receiver allows a Winch Strap to be tied to the vehicle to be winched out of trouble.


On the look out for a deflator, looking at the Stuan brand. I like the Stuan compact case, which can be stored in the glove box. Would also need to purchase a cheap pressure gauge tester. Next on the list is a UHF handheld two pack, 3w or higher.

First blog post


Learning how to go off road



My first blog post woohoo this is exciting. I have started this blog to track my adventures in my 2011 Jeep Wrangler JK. I brought the ‘Beast’ just over a month ago and in this time I have purchased the official mud floor mats front and rear, which were an excellent price. Considering I was firstly looking at custom made mats for around AU$320. The official Jeep mats were AU$218. I have also purchased a sunshield cover but had to return it as it was too high for the Wrangler windscreen. Still on the look out for one of these, preferably official merchandise. If anyone out there knows of where to purchase one of these that actually fits, that would be great!